This is High School

This is High School

THIS IS HIGH SCHOOL a six-part series that gives audiences unprecedented access into the world of today’s teenagers. Producers put 50 remote-controlled cameras in a typical secondary school – and let them run for eight weeks. South Kamloops Secondary School, in Kamloops BC, has over 1000 students, grades 8 through 12. During April and May of this year, staff, teachers, students and their parents agreed to allow video recording of whatever happened inside classrooms, hallways and the offices of vice principals and counsellors. It wasn’t long before students and adults forgot the cameras were rolling. Producers (in a control room trailer outside) got a candid – and often surprising – look at how teens really interact with friends and teachers. Stories began to emerge that touched upon many of the issues faced by adolescents growing up in a world saturated by social media: internet bullying, self-image, fitting in, identity, anxiety attacks, anger management, the pressure to excel, the desire to drop out, autism, nerds, popular girls and 8th grade boys who can’t resist testing their boundaries. The series looks at the incredible work from the tireless teaching staff and the lives of the students. School is more than just academics. It’s about preparing emerging adults to survive in an ever-changing world. The commitment and caring that many of these adults bring to their students’ lives is both inspiring – and heartwarming. Audiences get unprecedented access into the world of today's teenagers as producers put 50 remote-controlled cameras in a typical secondary school - and let them run for eight weeks.
Premiere Date: October 2, 2016
Air Time: 8:00 pm
Country: CA
Air Day: Sunday

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