Rising Star

Rising Star

The live talent show for the first time incorporates real-time voting by viewers via an App that is fully integrated into the show. Unlike traditional talent competition series that start off with taped auditions, “Rising Star” is live from the very beginning, with contestants auditioning with live performances. In every round, viewers vote via the show’s App in real time during the performance, along with the judges, to determine if the singer will advance, which happens if he/she reaches a voting threshold, 70% in Israel. In a twist, the performer is separated from the studio audience and the judges by a translucent floor-to-ceiling LED screen where images of voters at home, taken from their Facebook pages, appear live facing the singer who can see how fast the vote tally is growing during the performance for an immediate feedback, making result shows feel “antiquated,” as a person close to Rising Star put it. A musical talent show, in which contestants showcase their talent and the viewers are the judges, voting through an application during song performances.
Premiere Date: June 22, 2014 (US)
Air Time: 9:00 PM
Country: US
Air Day: Sunday

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