Nick Knowles and the team issue a call to arms and recruit friends, family and local trades to help transform the homes of families across Britain. Launched in 1999, after audience figures showed interest in other home make-over shows such as Changing Rooms, DIY SOS is a weekly full builder and designer level renovation of a section of a viewers home, taken on by a team of professionals after a viewers DIY project has gone wrong and not been finished. It is the longest running show of its format having been shown for over 10 years. Some believe it has cult status and even has an active dedicated forum. Launched with presenter Nick Knowles, the format consisted of a main project, and a small project initially headed by Lowri Turner (but after Lowri left the show, a number of subsequent presenters were used for the smaller segment), and a viewer call-in vote format voting for one of three families who have made short video pitches for their projects to be addressed in the following programme. DIY SOS is a British DIY television series made for the BBC, presented by Nick Knowles. The first episode was broadcast on 7 October 1999 and the show is still airing today. As well as being a DIY programme it also features comic relief from the cast.
Premiere Date: 1999 (US)
Casts: Chris Frediani, Julian Perryman, Mark Millar, Nick Knowles, Billy Byrne
Air Time: 3:00 PM
Country: GB
Air Day: Wednesday
Season 32 Episodes

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DIY SOS: The Big Build: Trailer - BBC One

DIY SOS: The Big Build: Trailer - BBC One

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