David Attenboroughs Conquest Of The Skies

David Attenboroughs Conquest Of The Skies

Conquest Of The Skies is a series by David Attenborough that reveals the dazzling world of flight as never before. David analyses gliding reptiles, parachuting mammals, acrobatic insects and the exquisite and intricate aerial world of birds on location at a number of locations all over the world including China, Rome, Scotland, Ecuador and Borneo. Britain’s best-loved broadcaster will explore this dazzling world, combining new macroscopic and high-speed filming techniques to tell the evolutionary story of flight from the very first insects to the incredible array of creatures which rule the skies today.
Premiere Date: January 1, 2015 (UK)
Casts: David Attenborough
Air Time: 7:00 PM
Air Day: Thursday

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