Joe Turner has always been conflicted about his work for the CIA. But when something he’s discovered gets his entire office killed, leaving Joe as the only survivor and forcing him to go on the run, the theoretical reservations he’s always harbored turn into all-too-real moral dilemmas. Under life or death pressure, Joe will be forced to redefine who he is and what he’s capable of in order to discover who’s behind this far-reaching conspiracy, and stop them from completing their deadly objective that threatens the lives of millions. Young CIA analyst Joe Turner has his idealism tested when he learns that the CIA has been using an algorithm he developed to spy on American citizens, leading the organization to a terrorist plot that threatens the lives of millions. Inspired by Sydney Pollack‚Äôs 1975 political thriller Three Days of the Condor.
Premiere Date: June 6, 2018
Casts: Max Irons, Leem Lubany, Bob Balaban, Kristen Hager, William Hurt, Angel Bonanni, Mira Sorvino
Air Time: 10:00 pm
Country: US
Air Day: Wednesday

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CONDOR - Official Trailer

CONDOR - Official Trailer

Condor (EPIX 2021 Series) Official Trailer

Condor (EPIX 2021 Series) Official Trailer

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