Bethenny Frankel brings her distinctive voice and candid point of view to daytime television. “Bethenny”, the show, embodies Bethenny the woman; it is real, honest, informative and most of all, entertaining. Her show covers all the areas that women care about; love and relationships, beauty and fitness, celebrity and pop culture. Bethenny, “the queen of too much information,” is the honest, un-filtered girlfriend who tells it like it is. When she doesn’t have the answers she brings in experts who do, even her own psychologist will be on hand. The top of the show varies day to day from topical news to the latest exploits of her family, including husband, Jason Hoppy, daughter, Bryn, and dog, Cookie. Because Bethenny is that rare talent who is exactly the same off-camera as she is on, the show weaves reality, behind-the scene-moments into the talk show. Bethenny’s fans have watched every moment of her journey from broke and single to successful wife and mother. She has been honest about her own struggles and imperfections and has given millions of women permission to be flawed but strive to improve their lives. “Bethenny” is a destination where woman can continue that conversation and come every day to learn, laugh, and feel inspired.
Premiere Date: June 11, 2012 (US)
Casts: Bethenny Frankel
Air Time: 11:00 AM
Country: US
Air Day: Tuesday
Season 2, Episodes

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