Set in contemporary Moscow and the frozen northern town of Archangel, the drama revisits the stark landscape of Communist Russia and takes place over four days in the life of academic Fluke Kelso. His fateful meeting with a former Stalinist bodyguard leads to the uncovering of one of the world’s most dangerous and best kept secrets. He is led unwittingly through murder and intrigue towards his own personal \”Holy Grail\” – Joseph Stalin’s secret legacy – a legacy that could change the face of Russian history forever. Fluke Kelso, a dissipated, middle-aged former Oxford historian, who is in Moscow to attend a conference on the newly opened Soviet archives, receives in his hotel a very unexpected visitor.
Premiere Date: March 19, 2005
Casts: Ekaterina Rednikova, Daniel Craig, Gabriel Macht, Avtandil Makharadze
Air Time: 9:10 pm
Country: GB
Air Day: Saturday

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