A Haunting

A Haunting

“A Haunting” is a chills-filled series, chronicling the terrifying true stories of the paranormal told by those who experienced real-life horror tales. “When the door between the spirit world and ours is opened, the stuff of nightmares becomes reality”. That’s according to the introduction of this series which dramatizes the “true” stories of people who have been haunted or experienced a haunting. In this docu-drama, the actual people involved recount their stories on-camera, as the frightening events of their stories are re-enacted. These are the true stories of the innocent and the unimaginable. Based on true events, A Haunting dramatises some of the scariest stories, revealing a world in which tragedy, suicide and murder have left psychic impressions so powerful that innocent people become forced to deal with them decades later. Through mesmerising first-person accounts, the mystery and origin of each haunting is powerfully revealed and leaves a lingering sense that life - and death - are much stronger then anyone could have possibly imagined.
Premiere Date: October 28, 2005 (US)
Casts: Anthony Call
Air Time: 10:00 PM
Country: US
Air Day: Sunday
Season 11 Episodes

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A Haunting (TV Series) Promo

A Haunting (TV Series) Promo

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