The series follows six freshers arriving from throughout the UK and Ireland as they crash through their first term at university. Descending on Belfast, the lives of Jess (Georgia Maguire), Danny (Niall Wright), Conor (Cillian O’Sullivan), Sandie (Jayne Wisener), Leech (Ryan McParland) and Eva (Jamie Lee O’Donnell), are about to change forever. In a city with no limits, they’re breaking away from everything they’ve known and are here to make their mark. Hearts will be broken, friendships made and trust betrayed, but within all the madness and mistakes, our students are learning the invaluable life lessons that books just can’t teach. This is a show about relationships – a crash course to adulthood. Six students, brought together by six degrees who are about to become friends for life. Six young people striving for answers as they move from youth to adulthood.
Premiere Date: February 28, 2012 (UK)
Casts: Jamie-Lee O'Donnell, Ryan McParland, Niall Wright, Cillian O'Sullivan, Georgia Maguire, Jayne Wisener
Air Time: 5:00 PM
Air Day: Tuesday

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